Emotions and Entrepreneurship

Miguel Lebrón
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Emotions and Entrepreneurship: Taming Your Dragon for Success by Miguel Lebron

I had the pleasure of getting together with Risa Haasbroek, popularly known as the Dragon Whisperer, in episode 99 of the Strategy Rewind podcast to discuss emotions and their impact on entrepreneurship. Risa is a life coach who works with CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs. She assists people in embracing their emotions and utilizing them as powerful weapons to advance their business ventures.

Risa’s method is distinct in that it revolves around the concept of the “dragon,” which represents the emotional brain. Risa advises us to tame and use our emotions, like the woman who rides a dragon in Game of Thrones, rather than denying or discarding them. We may tap into our emotions’ potential and allow them to guide us on our entrepreneurial journey by releasing them.

Risa and I discussed the significance of the dragon metaphor during our talk. We compared it to beginning on a harrowing journey where the dragon guards the riches. In this perspective, the treasure represents the potential that successful entrepreneurs can anticipate While the dragon may appear daunting and fierce at first, it is critical to address and engage with our emotions to reap the benefits.

Risa delves into the brain science of emotions, particularly the importance of the amygdala: these almond-shaped structures control fight, flight, freeze, or fawn reactions. The amygdala constantly scans our environment for potential hazards, attempting to keep us safe rather than assisting us in thriving. On the other hand, Risa emphasized the significance of recognizing that emotions are simply responses to our interpretations of the world generated by sensory data.

Risa stressed the importance of self-awareness and deliberate thought in navigating the frequently overwhelming emotions in the unfamiliar land of entrepreneurship. By categorizing and naming our feelings, we can engage our prefrontal brain and create space around overwhelming sentiments. This procedure helps us to communicate with our emotions, acknowledging their presence while reminding ourselves that they do not have the potential to overcome us. Instead of seeing emotions as obstacles, Risa and I agreed that feelings are neither good nor evil; our actions in response to those feelings matter.

Our discussion also touched on the relationship between emotions and behavior. Risa emphasized the significance of actively producing happy feelings to motivate productive activities. As business owners, we may create emotions corresponding to our objectives and drive ourselves to take the necessary steps. We may empower ourselves to write that piece, make that sales contact, or take any action that takes our business forward by asking ourselves what feelings we want to experience and recognizing the thoughts that trigger those emotions.

This conversation is a rallying cry for entrepreneurs and business executives. Accept your emotions and realize their potential as great success tools. Develop self-awareness, interact with your emotions, and nurture positive feelings that move you toward your goals. By embracing the dragon within, you may unlock a new level of entrepreneurial growth and confidently cross the uncertain landscape.

Remember that your emotions are allies to lead you on your journey, not barriers to overcome. Use your emotions, ride the dragon, and pursue an extraordinary entrepreneurial adventure.



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